A Small Family Owned Business Started Out of Inspiration

Gunnar & Jake's Gourmet Foods, LLC. was started by Kristi Murray out of love and inspiration for her two boys, Gunnar & Jake.  Kristi was diagnosed at the young age of 15 years old with a rare kidney disease called FSGS or Nephrotic Syndrome.  She was told that she would never be able to have children.  By the Grace of God, she had two little miracles, Gunnar & Jake.  Gunnar was born 6 weeks early weighing only 3 llb & Jake was born at 26 weeks weighing only 1lb 10 oz, and was known as the "Miracle Baby" at the Cleveland Clinic. Due to two difficult pregnancies, Kristi went into kidney failure and received a second chance at life from her beloved sister Lori.  After the kidney transplant, she vowed to set a good example for her children by eating healthy.  Her love for PICKLES & all pickled products drove her to create a line of Gourmet Pickled Prducts using NO SUGAR,  LOW SALT, and local ingredients from Southern California. She wanted to make the Best Gourmet Pickled Products on the market today, inspired by Gunnar & Jake, who are the loves of her life!  This business represents her love for her children, Gunnar & Jake, & always having Hope and never giving up and Dreaming Big!  

Kristi has defied all odds stacked against her, as people are always telling her "she can't" or "won't", but she's a SURVIVOR and WARRIOR when it comes to not letting her kidney disease get the best of her, as she believes passionately in her business & spreading awareness about the rising epidemic of kidney disease in our country. Kristi also believes in helping others, as right now she finds herself in another PICKLE again.  Three months age, she found out that she was in kidney failure again, as the donated kidney is currently rejecting.  Kristi was in shock, as she takes very good care of herself.  Again, she has relied on her faith and her family during this time.  It's been a hard year for their family, as Kristi was on dialysis and received draining & depleting treatments to prepare her for her 2nd kidney transplant. Even though her faith & spirit has been tested, she always remains #Hopeful, #Optimistic, & always has a smile on her face!  Currently, Kristi's only brother, Neil Stefansky, is willing to donate his kidney and is a match. How can I ever repay my brother or sister for these precious Gifts of Life? I love them both so much.  Donating to save their sister's life is a selfless act and they're my Angels here on earth. Kristi is overwhelmed with love, as now she feels it's time to start helping others with Chronic Kidney Disease.  Kristi is partnering with the American Kidney Fund to raise awareness about Kidney disease, educate people about kidney disease, give Hope to those who are on dialysis and transplant recipient's and donors, as donating for Life is essential.  Kristi knows how blessed she is to get the proper medical care and have two matching donors in her family who are willing to donate.  Life is precious to Kristi and she wants to start making a difference with her story through Gunnar & Jake's Gourmet Pickles & Peppers!  Every jar that Gunnar & Jake's sells, $1.00 of every jar will be donated to the American Kidney Fund, as Kristi knows how precious and blessed she has been to have everyday count and giving back is so very important to her to give others Hope and to never give up! 


You only need one ❤️ 

You only need one LOVE

You only need one KIDNEY 

What will you do with the other one?


  His Plan, His Purpose, & His Will